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As you probably know if you’ve found this article, Adobe has some of the best products when it comes to your creative life.  If you’re a photographer then Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom are perfect tools for you that make image editing far simpler.  If you are into video production then Adobe Premiere Pro is your ultimate tool for you.  If you’re into graphic design then Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are your best friends.  The list is really endless for perfect combinations that will make your creative side thrive.

The problem is… The Adobe collection is FREAKIN’ EXPENSIVE!  If you’re a photographer then one option may be to go for the photographer plan which is currently $9.99/month and comes with 20GB of storage, but what if you want more than 20GB of storage and are thinking about getting into video editing?  Then your best bet is to become a student and get the entire suite for only $19.99, but a qualifying school is expensive…. until now!

Adobe Vs Cheaper Options

You can always go for a cheaper option, but from my experience, the learning curve is higher, programs like Affinity slow down your computer far more than Photoshop, and the quality just doesn’t come out nearly as good.  There are also not nearly as many built-in tools or templates you can work off of.  I love the fact that I can get templates on Evanto Elements for After Effects and Premiere Pro that make it look like I’m a video editing ninja with barely having to do anything.  

Creative Cloud All Apps Student Discount

Creative Cloud All Apps is regularly $52.99/month unless you’re a student!  If you’re a student you get the Creative Cloud All Apps for $19.99/month for the first year and $29.99/month after that!  This is just a little more than what Canva charges for their pro edition!  However, the biggest issue I had was finding a school that would save me the difference and I personally didn’t want to do any courses because I’m already pretty decent with the programs from when I had CS5 back in the day.  

Let’s work out what the savings would be between the normal price and the student price.

Savings with the Creative Cloud Student Plan

The Solution

The solution for me is far more expensive then what the solution may be for you.  The cheapest course I could find that included a student discount was Parker Walbecks Full Time Filmmaker.  His course is $799 unless you watch his webinar where you may get offered a discount code.  I paid $599.  So this means that after 2 years I will have paid off the course and saved an additional $73 with discounts.  That’s pretty good, but then I found a course that’s even cheaper and includes the student discount, plus an Apple discount, and other camera gear!

Meet Tomorrows Filmmakers.  This course is currently $295.  This means that after the first year you will have paid off the course and saved an additional $100.  After 5 years you will have saved over $1200 and paid off the course!  Plus if you decide to upgrade to a better computer then you will save a few hundred dollars more!  

On top of these savings, both courses are actually really really good and better than any university courses I have taken. Parker Walbecks Full Time Filmmaker course increased my skills in a massive way.  I went from making no money in the film industry to having a YouTube channel that makes money, received free trips because of my new amazing portfolio, and generating over $50,000/year in additional income.  I discovered Tomorrows Filmmakers after taking Parkers course, so I can’t speak too much about my change in quality in my video production, but his course has taught me how to use green screens in a better way, stop motion animation, and a whole lot more!  


There you have it!  Here are a couple of options for courses that are a decently cost-effective price that will give you the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps discount you are after.  Now let us see your production quality take on a whole new level!  Add your Instagram and YouTube links below so we can see the changes in your quality by having the best tools available!



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