Make Money On Instagram with Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

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Create a stream of affiliate income on Instagram with Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Do you have a large Instagram following?  Why not utilize that bio link to bring in some revenue.  All you have to do is recommend the products you already use. An example could be if you want to let people know what the camera gear is that you use.  Create a shorby link that shows the amazon links to buy the same equipment you use!

Here’s how it works.


Sign Up with Amazon Associates

Earn up to 10% when someone clicks your link and purchases the product.   Registration is easy and acceptance is pretty quick.  Head on over to



Get Your Link

Once you sign up you will receive login information.  The first page will have a search box.  Simply search for your product and press Go.


Click The Drop Down To Get Your Link

Look for the product you would like to promote and click the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side.    From here you’ll see the links you need. 



Get Your Link

Click the shorten URL link in blue and copy your link.


Add Your Link To Shorby

Shorby is a landing page optimized for Instagram.  This means that you don’t need to learn any coding to make this website!  You can sign up for Shorby here.  Once you’ve got an account, you sign in, create your profile, and you just click “Create Bio Link” up at the top to add your affiliate link


Add Link

Click “Add Link” and add your amazon affiliate link you got earlier.  Now copy the link that is generated up top in the green section.  



Your Landing Page Will Look Something Like This When You’re All Done Setting It Up.


Add it to Instagram

Add the link on Instagram by clicking the gear icon and adding your URL to the website box.  Now press save and you are set 

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